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My Expertise

I have a solid experience as a manager, since my Azlan activities as technical manager I developed the required soft and technical skills to be a people leader and a manager.

Management \ People Management:

My Expertise

About Me

My Curriculum Vitae

Driveing different business units, from training to products, allowed me to learn what is the importance of strategy and a good market analisys. When needed I developed tools to make analisys


It's a passion, not only a job. Being a technical reference has been a need, a pleasure and something I am proud of. I love technology, and I developed a deep expertise in the security area. In the last years I started to dig it up also the forensic environment because if you love technology this is a never ending process of learning.


People Management, Management communication, Leadership, MentoringIT Strategy, Technical Audits, Enterprise Architecture & Applications, Solution Architecture, Network Design, Architecture, & Security, Vulnerability Assessment & Management, Systems Engineering, TCP / IP, Data Privacy, Cloud Computing, Marketing Strategy, High-Impact Presentations, Social Media Marketing, Public SpeakingBudget Management, Consultative Sales,Technical Sales Liaison,

Specialties and Executive Expertise

This is my other big passsion, public speaking, teaching, writing have been one of my strongest skills but also one of my love. Sharing knowledge is a mission and a pleasure, this is something that have to be taken seriously: continuous learning, analyzing needs, being always updated.




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