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Ring of Value

During my professional life I met people and companies I consider of absolute excellence, here you can find the references. At this time is just a collection withouth any order, I'm plannong to order them for areas of expertise at a latter time. Enjoy

Ring of Value

Value is not an easy thing to find, I've been so lucky to meet really great people during my work years, here is a list of those great people, I want to thank them all and suggest you to refer to them when looking for special people.

Ring of Vaule

Top developer, speaker and Business Intellligence Guru

Cloud broker, to find the optimal cloud solution

Coach, trainer, system enginee er grande manager

leadership, communicarition, productivity

System Engineering, professionality and a lot of services

A technical salesman that knows its stuff

Italian excellence in Research in Electronic Engineering

a real security & network administrator

A first class Entrerpreneur


A real professional guy

Bracket Computing

Great CEO, Manager e visionary


leadership and humanity, a great man


Well he IS the developer guru by definition

A serious and incredibly good technician enterpreneur

A system engineer and presales knowleadgable and trustworthy


Il Santa


The Best Marketing around the world

A trust and a Must

Simply one of the greatest economist on the planet


Marco Russo

Alessandro Greco

David Papini

Marco Misitano

Davide Savo

Andrea Zanin

Marco Santambrigio

Luigi Cristiani

Simone Tarantino

Mauro Iannizzi

Tom Gillis

Gordon Thompson

Roberto Brunetti

Gilberto Zampatti

Stefano Radaelli

Leslie Farnsworth

Marco Castiglioni

Fabio Ghironi



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